YunExpress Priority Direct

Service Introduction

YunExpress, as a third-party logistics company, is dedicated to providing the best solutions of worldwide logistics service for global cross-border e-commerce sellers. With multiple warehouses and professional logistics service teams around the world, YunExpress launches the direct snail mail shipping services for small packages in the Britain, France, and Italy for cross-border e-commerce business. Efficient, professional and traceable logistics service is what you can gain from if you are shipped with YunExpress.

Product Profile

  • Product Name

    YunExpress Priority Direct

  • Transportation Code


  • Cargo Type

    Package (Shipment from one package)

  • C.C. Mode

    DDP customs clearance mode (the sender shall be responsible for VAT generated by DDP customs clearance mode)

  • Estimated Delivery Timeframe

    UK: 3-6 business days

    France: 3-6 business days

    Italy: 6-10 business days

  • Maximum Weight


  • Package Dimension

    UK: The minimum dimension: 10cm*15cm (the longest side shall be ≤45cm, the second longest side shall be ≤35cm, and the shortest side shall be ≤16cm)

    France Italy: The minimum dimension: 10cm*15cm (the length of L+W+H shall be ≤90cm, and the longest side shall be ≤60cm)

    Notes: An extra 150RMB/shipment for special-shaped parcels under the snail mail logistics service of YunExpress.

  • Freight by Weight

    Charged by the heavier one between actual weight and the volume of the entire shipment in G unit. (Calculation method of volume: L*W*H cm/8,000=KG)

  • Service Applicability

    No infringing products, dangerous goods, and contrabands (such as pure battery, prohibited liquid, prohibited powder, gun and ammunition) are allowed for YunExpress Global Direct Snail Mail (Fast).

    Products with built-in batteries and supporting batteries are accepted.

  • Declaration Requirements

    The packages with a declared value exceeding 24USD are not allowed under the world freight/shipping services of YunExpress.

  • Return & Redelivery Service

    No overseas return service.

  • Delivery Scope

    Cover the UK, France, and Italy.

  • Packing Requirements

    1.Only regular packages allowed, such as bags and carton packages.

    2.No irregular packages are allowed on snail mail logistics service of YunExpress. Irregular packages are included:

    • Round, cylindrical or oval packages;

    • Other irregular shaped packages (e.g., bulgy, sunk or damaged);

    • Packages contain loose or overweight items or cargos with uneven weight distribution;

    • Loose packages;

    • Internal goods will move or its gravity changes during transportation;

    • Packages with labels of DHL“GÓRA” and “ATTENTION! NST ”.

    • Cargos require special services (for example, it fails to be sorted automatically or may damage other cargos when warehousing);

    • Packages (barrel, can, drum, etc.) that contain liquid substances.

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