YunExpress Standard General

Product Profile

  • Product name

    YunExpress Standard General

  • Transportation code


  • Cargo type

    Package (one package shipment)

  • C.C. mode

    DDP customs clearance mode (sender should pay added-value tax produced by DDP customs clearance mode)

  • Reference time

    Germany: 8-12 workdays

    France: 8-12 workdays

    Italy: 8-15 workdays

    Spain: 8-12 workdays

  • Weight limit


  • Cargo size

    1) France, Spain: min. size: 10*15cm, max. size: L+W+H ≤90cm, longest side ≤60cm, do not accept special-shaped parcels

    2) Other countries: min. size: 10*10cm; max. size: L+W+H ≤90cm, longest side ≤60cm, do not accept special-shaped parcels

    3) In principle, do not accept special-shaped parcels. To ship special-shaped parcels, additionally charge 150RMB/shipment

  • Chargeable weight

      Carry with G being unit. Take actual weight and volume weight of package whichever is larger (calculation method of volume weight: L*W*H cm/8,000=KG)

  • Delivery attribute

    Only accept general cargos and do not accept any branded products (subject to record on Customs Intellectual Property Protection, website:

  • Declaration requirements

    Do not accept the cargos with declaration value exceeding 22EUR (24USD)

  • Return & redelivery service

    This channel does not provide overseas return service

  • Delivery scope

    Do not provide delivery service for affiliated islands, do not accept Amazon warehouse address

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