Service Introduction

Europe FBA UK-VAT is customized for Amazon sellers. YunExpress makes independent research and development of channel, and launches this service of directly sending to FBA warehouse for the products sold to European countries. By using abundant flight resources in HK for first-mile transportation, flying to EU ports, combining customs clearance advantages of EU ports and perfect delivery system, it’s finally delivered by UPS. The whole process is connected smoothly, and last-mile delivery is fast, stable and guaranteed.

Product Profile

  • Product name

    Europe FBA UK-VAT

  • Transportation code


  • Cargo type

    Package (multiple package shipment

  • Reference time

    7-10 workdays

  • Cargo size

    Longest side ≤150cm; second longest side ≤75cm; L+(2*W)+(2*H) ≤330cm

  • Weight limit

    ① Minimum standard for one shipment is 100KG. In other words, weight of each shipment should be 100KG and above. If less than 100KG, inquire separately

    ② Chargeable weight of single container of cargo should be ≤31KG, reject the cargos with chargeable weight of single container ≥32KG. Average weight of single container of single shipment should be above 15KG, and it will be additionally charged if less than 15KG. Standards are as below: average weight of single container<12KG, 2RMB/KG will be charged; 12KG<average weight of single container<15KG, 1RMB/KG will be charged.

  • Delivery attribute

    ① This channel accepts general cargos, built-in battery and supporting battery, and does not accept pure battery. For products with high value and high tax rate (mobile, tablet PC, tripod head, clothing, etc.), please confirm price with our company before shipment.

    ② This channel does not accept infringing product, pure battery, drug, powder, liquid, dangerous goods, etc. If the products do not conform to local customs clearance requirements of EU, encounter customs detention and other problems, customers should assume responsibility by themselves.

  • Charge mode

    Carry with 1KG being unit; chargeable weight: take actual weight and volume weight of entire shipment, whichever is larger (calculation method of volume weight: L*W*H cm/6,000=KG)

  • Declaration requirement

    Customers should provide complete proforma invoice, packing list and declaration value (customers should be responsible for customs clearance issue caused by inaccurate or incomplete materials of customers, and our company assumes no responsibility). For the customers firstly delivering goods, they should offer EIRI, VAT number and certificate of authorization to our company for audit (related tax number is valid for 1 year after passing audit). Customs clearance fee is CNY350/shipment (3 product names at most, 40RMB/product name will be charged if more than 3 product names).

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