Middle East Direct

Product Profile

  • Product name

    Middle East Direct

  • Transportation code


  • Cargo type

    Parcel (one package shipment)

  • Reference time

    7-10 workdays

  • Weight limit


  • Cargo size

    Single side ≤120CM

  • Chargeable weight

    ①True weight ≤ 2KG, natural sealing for the cargos packed with express bag, volume weight is not counted (size of express bag: 30*45cm);

    ②True weight ≤ 2KG, for the cargos not packed with express bag, volume weight is counted

    ③True weight > 2KG, volume weight is counted

    Calculation method of volume weight: L*W*H/5,000

  • Delivery attribute

    General cargos, do not accept contraband such as built-in/supporting/pure batteries, magnetic goods, liquid, powder, replica, adult toy, flammable & combustible, etc.

  • Declaration requirements

    For the cargos to Saudi Arabia, please offer below information if declaration value exceeds 260 USD:

    ①If recipient is company, please offer valid AL or CR number of company;

    ②If recipient is individual, please offer valid ID number of recipient.

    If the customs considers that shipment quantity or cargo weight and nature is obviously used for commercial activities, it will be also handled as per above requirements.

  • Return service

    This channel supports overseas return but certain fee must be charged. Please consult our company in advance for specific fee and actual bill shall finally prevail.

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